The monthly JFD #1 meeting was held via Zoom on March 16, 2021.
Members present: Fred Lavenberg, Brian Stevens, Ann Lerner-Kroll, Chris Lavorgna, Chris Laskowski,
Jeffrey Earl, Robert Nadal, Charlie Windisch
Meeting was called to order at 7pm.
Discussion items:
  1. Second quarter water bills have been sent out via US mail. Bills are to be paid by April 1st! (If for some reason you have not received your bill, please contact Robert Nadal. Also note that the bills have increased by $5 – total due is now $235.
  2. The list of valves that need to be replaced was reviewed (email from Simon Operating System). SOS will forward an estimate as soon as it’s available. Work is planned for this Spring.
  3. The heater in the pump building intermittently stops working. This is a new unit, so it should be problem free at this point. Chris Laskowski will take a look; if more serious, the contractor who installed it will be contacted.
  4. Communication between the pump house and reservoir okay at the moment. Situation will continue to be monitored.
  5. The financials were reviewed. Overall our accounts are in good shape.
  6. Brian Stevens reported on the loan/grant that was submitted to the state that will cover the replacement of the greensand filter in the pump house (estimated in the $40K range.) He will also pursue a loan thru the Community Bank in case the grant application falls through.
Meeting was called to an end at 7:40pm.
(Note – All Foothills residents are eligible to attend these meetings, held the third Tuesday of the month.
Contact Charlie Windisch for more information.)
  • Charlie Windisch, Secretary

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