To contact the operator of the Water System, you can use the Problem Reporting page.

A contract was signed between the JFD No. 1 and the operator of the system, Simon Operation Services, a.k.a. SOS. SOS is a Waterbury-based company. They operate 52 water systems and have 18 employees. There are local SOS employees available to service us.

SOS is owned by Mark Simon. Phyllis Simon runs the office and can be reached at 888-767-1885. The e-mail address for SOS is If you reach the answering machine please leave a message and someone will call you back. If no one is in the office they check the answering machine frequently.

Rather than inundate SOS with a lot of calls from everyone in the neighborhood please contact them directly only for emergencies and outages. Please funnel routine questions thru the Officers of the JFD No. 1 so we can compile them and post the answers here for others to see. Speak with anyone on the Prudential Committee or send the Prudential Committee a note if you have a question for the operator.