Minutes – October 6 2015

Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting

Jericho fire District No. 1

October 6, 2015

Attendees: Brian MacDonald, Les Allen, Fred Lavenberg, Brian Stevens

Treasurers report: Brian Stevens provided the following documents; “Operating Income and Cash Flow Projections” (attached), a “Balance Sheet”, and a detailed “Summary of Income and Expenses”, and talked through a few of the essentials. The subtotal of expenses (“Projected 2015”), show that we will be close to the YE budget expectations. We discussed how some of the current operations expense may effect this outcome. This report was approved.

Brian also reported that from his attendance at a water systems finance seminar, he found two ideas for us to consider. One, the incrementing of rate increases to replace delayed and abrupt changes, and a budget display of the capital replacement funding.

Operations: Les reported that there is a problem with a failed water meter in the main line that disrupts the system control of the well pump. We are currently operating the system with manual over rides and our system operator will purchase and replace the failed meter, within a few days.

The system distribution lines will be “blown out” to clean out collected sediment, sometime within the next few weeks. This will disrupt service (selectively) between 9:00 AM and noon. We will give our customers a day or two advance notice once this task is scheduled.

It was decided to postpone cleaning the reservoir until next Spring.

Sludge Disposal: Since the Vt. ANR drinking water Div. has allowed us to rescind our U.I.C. (Underground Injection Control) permit we have considered if and how we could reduce the filter backwash sludge removal cost. We currently spend approx. $2300 per year for liquid sludge pump-out and removal. If the ANR DW Div. is not concerned with the manganese oxide and iron oxide disposal, could we dump it on our property?  The minerals back to the earth from whence it came.

At our Aug. 10, 2015 meeting we authorized a lab test of the sludge that the Vt. ANR Waste Management Div. requested. This we hoped would lead to a decision to allow us to self-dispose of the sludge. The answer was “no” because this concentration of minerals also contained arsenic. What is not a problem as a trace element in our drinking water, in this concentration is within the limits of a “Controlled substance” that requires waste disposal in a lined land fill.

We agreed to continue to have the sludge pumped out until we determine there is a more cost favorable alternative.

We agreed to continue to determine the costs associated with drying the sludge (to reduce the volume), repackaging it for handling, and allow Casella Waste to truck it to their land fill. This would be considerable less frequent than the pump-out needs.

Respectfully submitted,

Les Allen, Clerk, Jericho fire District No. 1