Minutes — October 20 2020

JFD #1 Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2020

Meeting was held via Zoom; called to order at 7pm. Members present: Chris Laskowski, Ann Lerner-Kroll, Brian Stevens, Charlie Windisch

1) There is a sink hole near the reservoir that still needs to be filled in. (There is an older tank in the ground that was filled with sand some years ago. The sand has settled and has resulted in the sink hole. The area is clearly marked and cordoned off). According to SOS (Simon Operating Systems) this hole will be filled in soon.

2) There are several curb stops / flush valves that will need to be fixed. The most critical one is at 8 Westview; this will be fixed this fall. Due to contractor workload, the others will be put off until Spring 2021. (Delaying the work for the rest was deemed acceptable by SOS).

3) Brian reported the district is in good shape financially. We will have roughly an extra $5,000 in our account at the end of the year due to interest forgiveness on our main loan as part of the government Covid relief program.

4) The Mission communication system upgrade between the pump house and the reservoir is up and running. At first, the system was not operating properly. A new antenna was installed and this has taken care of the remaining issues.

5) Payments for this quarter’s water bill: As of October 20, there were still five (5) households that have not paid their bills. Delinquent notices were to go out in the mail October 23.

6) Some discusion was held regarding streamlining the water bill payment system. Committee members felt it might be possible to send out bills via email (rather than the current Postal service mail) and use a system such as “Bill Pay” (available at many area banks) to make the payment. More discussion to follow.

7) The filter/stand system in the pump house will need to be replaced most likely within the next two years. This is a major capital expense ($25K) which will need to be factored into our upcoming budgets. Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 17, 2020. All residents are welcome to attend.

– Charlie Windisch, Secretary