Minutes – November 21, 2017

Minutes of Prudential Committee meeting, Jericho Fire District No. 1, November 21, 2017

Attendees: Fred Lavenberg, John Irving, Ken Laskowski, Les Allen, Brian Stevens

Financial: Brian provided the attendees with the documents “Operating Income and Cash Flow”(attached) , and “Summary of Income and Expenses”.

A large recent expense was the replacement of three failed pressure tanks at $4,220.These tanks are part of a set that sustain useful pressure water pressure between pump cycles. A recent sludge removal had not yet been billed, but is expected to be $840. All told, we remain close to plan

The amount of the planned balance ($27,000) in the 2017 budget came under discussion. Bryan explained that a significant portion of this represents a capital replacement reserve. Bryan has carried the details of this in a separate spread sheet. Further discussion was differed to our Dec. meeting when the 2018 budget will be planned.

A new curb stop at # 35 Foothills Dr. will be included in the 20118 budget. Les will ask Kirk for a cost estimate.

Operations: In addition to the pressure tank replacement and the sludge removal, John reported that he removed brush from around the filter building and Bob Hirschfeld repaired the attic vent screen. Also, a tree fell onto our reservoir building during the recent wind storm.. No damage occurred and John removed the tree. The “Mission” reporting system still has some missing information with the alarms. Kirk is discussing this with Champlin.

Customer issues: The nearly three years of missed payments from the owner of #6 Arcadia Circle came up for discussion again. It had been decided at the September meeting to proceed with a property sale to recover the amount due (and expenses). Lawyer David Sunshine had been contacted but no actions followed. A number of questions were again raised, and it was decided that a meeting with David Sunshine was needed to address these questions as well as to initiate the recovery of the delinquent money. Les will invite David to our December (12/21/17) meeting or call a special meeting for this purpose.

Respectfully submitted

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1