Minutes – August 15 2017

Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting, Jericho Fire District No. 1 Tuesday Aug. 15, 2017

Attendees: John Irving, Fred Lavenberg, Les Allen Ken Laskowski

It was evident from the attendees that Les had not actually sent the meeting notice that he thought he had. But a quorum was present.

System and facilities operations: Fred reported that he hasrequested a plumber toanchor themain input line in the filter building to eliminate potential vibration from the on/off pump cycle. It is believed that this was the probable cause for the recent break.

System operator Kirk, recently purchased a de-humidifier for the filter building. Excessive humidity has cause moisture collection and rusting of metal parts. The possibility of insulation wrapping was discussed but no action taken.

John reported on an assessment of our filter building from Bob Hirschfeld. The attic vent has been chewed by critters and will be fixed. The exterior of the building, on the south and east sides need re- finishing; a spray of a stain sealer likely.

Customers: Discussion of our outstanding water bill from #6 Arcadia Cir. was discussed. The situation waits on the results of Brian’s contacting the mortgage holder.

Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1