Minutes – March 24 2014

Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting

Jericho fire District No. 1 (Foothills Water System)

March 24, 2014

Attendees: Brian Stevens, Fred Lavenberg, Mac Lippert, Ann Kroll Lerner, Les Allen

Brian reviewed the current “Income and Cash Flow” and the detailed “Income and Expense” documents. The only out of normal expenses were the charges related to the recent leak repair. ECI Construction cost was $7,277, SOS operator support cost was $1,775 and plumber cost to fix the line blockage at #35 Foothills cause by the leak repair work was $465. The total comes to $9,517.

This expense, plus the approx. $9,000 unplanned cost for last year’s creek embankment fix, is cause for us to consider a re-look at the Capital Replacement Fund balance before next year’s annual meeting. The purpose is to see if we still have sufficient funds for expected long term expenses.

Fred reported that his work to update the e-mail and call-em-all customer lists is nearly complete.

The latest Customer Confidence Report, the annual report of our water quality, has been received from the ANR and will be distributed to our customers in compliance with State laws.

Two Prudential Committee decisions made off line (for schedule urgency reasons) were ratified. These were;

1)      A decision to decline a State offer for a free professional leak detection survey. The reasons for passing on this were the pre-commitment required to the expense associated with any fix they recommended and the competitive nature of the bid application process.

2)      Our agreement to accept the SOS bid of $200 to produce an update to our Source Protection Plan. This is a State mandated update to our Plan, due by June 1.

We also received from the State a request to submit an application for a Phase II/V testing waiver renewal. This is due when and with the SPP by June 1. This is simply an accepted avoidance of water testing, not needed in the circumstance of our system. We only need to ask, again.

We agreed to a contract with Green Mountain Engineering for an inspection of our filter backwash, settling tank and leach field system. This is referred to as UIC (Underground Injection Control) for which our permit requires this annual engineering inspection and report. The cost for this is $350.

Les explained a complaint that he has. His grumbling are omitted for brevity. A legitimate inquiry regarding our water system is often made in conjunction with the sale and purchase of homes in the Foothills. Our web sitewww.jerichofoothills.org provides all that is needed. There can be found; our bylaws, our water system regulations, the Consumer Confidence Report, a diagram of the system and the management organization. Les explained his willingness to answer homeowner questions and potential home buyer questions but not realtor’s “tell me about the water system” requests. These have been all too frequent. Also, his name and phone number should not be provided to realtors or included on MLS listings. Please!


Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1