Minutes – August 16 2016

Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting

Jericho Fire District no. 1

August 16, 2016

Attendees: Brian Stevens, Fred Lavenberg, John Irving, Ann kroll Lerner, Les Allen

Finances: Brian provided a set of current financial documents; a) Operating Income and Cash Flow, b) Balance Sheet, c) Summary of Income & Expense.

Brian explained that the income statement does not include the 4th qtr. Payments and that the expenses are tracking to the budget. A discussion regarding cash balance and replacement fund accumulation disclosed a slow growth from $17K YE ’14, to $20K YE ’15 to expected $25K YE ’16, with expectations for some major expenses within the next few years.

We discussed the three water leaks that occurred this summer and were fixed. Two of these were water system pipe leaks. The first was in the main line near the wellhead and the second was the main line within the filter building. The third was in a service line to a customer. This is the line from the curb stop to the premise. Our Water System Rules and Regulations define that the cost to maintain and repair service lines is the responsibility of the home owner. These Rules & Regulations can be found on our web site (www.jerichofoothills.org) under ”Recent Posts”, then “Updated Rules & Regs”.

Billing: Several issues arose this quarter related to customers moving out of our service area. In one case, bills were not forwarded to the property owner’s new address, and with the second, the premise was sold and vacated without notification to the Fire District. In both situations we were about to shut off the water and add a service fee to what was owed. Only extra efforts by our Bill Collector prevented this. We urge everyone to remember us. Tell us when you move and who the new owner is.

Technical: John reported that he and Kirk Patch (S.O.S. operator) successfully removed and replaced the malfunctioning booster pump. This is one of two pumps in our reservoir building that produce the needed water and pressure to our homes. The removed pump will be repaired and shelved for backup service.

Other: Les reported that the WNRCD (Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District) is seeking participants for their riparian buffer service. They want to prevent stream erosion by planting trees or shrubs (next year) along streams banks. Les invited them to consider our river property. A visit is scheduled for 9/1/16.

Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1