Minutes – February 17 2015

Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting

Jericho Fire District No. 1

February 17, 2015

Attendees: Brian McDonald, Fred Lavenberg, Les Allen

Financials: Financials were not reported nor discussed.

Bill Collecting: After researching the requirements, mostly related to the bank deposits, Mac has informed the PC that he will continue billing by mail. The Second quarter 2015 will be mailed this month. One of our water system customer is in arrears two quarters after paying with checks that have bounced. The house is currently unoccupied and the water has been shut off. The whereabouts of the owner is not known. Mac has performed all proper notifications (stipulated by law). Because the post office is forwarding mail, it was decided by the PC that a certified letter from the Clerk, representing the PC, would be sent in an attempt to determine the situation. A property lien is being explored.

Back wash holding tank: The tank was pumped out on 2/6/15 when the sludge depth indicated the need. Because this seems too frequent, Les and our system operator Kirk Patch were observers. The tank is 17’ long with the access at one end. While the sludge that is pumped out is a soft flowing material, we concluded that there may be an accumulation (25 yrs. ?) of solids at the other end that is reducing the containment volume. We decided, and the PC supports an effort to gain access at the other end of the tank for clean out purposes. The second sealed concrete access will be replaced with a “Tuft-Tite” lid. This will allow us to determine if there is a problem and a way to remedy it. This work will be done during warm weather. It is hoped that this will reduce the frequency of pump outs.

Vt. public meeting laws: As a Fire District, we are a municipality under Vt. State law and subject to meeting notice and meeting minute’s regulations. The Vt. State legislature made changes to these laws last session and are considering changes again. We are able to maintain awareness of these activities through weekly legislative publication from the Vt. League of Cities and Towns.

Respectfully submitted,

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1