Minutes – October 21 2014

Minutes of Prudential committee Meeting

Jericho Fire District No. 1

October 21, 2014

Attendees: Ann Knoll-Lerner, Mac Lippert, Les Allen, Brian MacDonald

Organization changes: Debbie Lackey and Dawn Makowinskyi, who have together, performed our bill collecting tasks, are both leaving us; our management team, the neighborhood and Vermont. We thank them both for their service to our water system and our neighborhood and we wish them well in their new adventures.

Mac Lippert has offered to take over the water billing and Brian MacDonald has offered to fulfill the remainder of Mac’s PC committee position.

The PC Committee voted to accept Mac’s resignation and appointed him as our Bill Collector. We thank Mac for his nearly three years on the PC and for his willingness to step into another job for us.

The PC Committee also voted to appoint Brian MacDonald to the empty PC position. We welcome Brian to our team.

Delinquent water bills: The current set of delinquent bills was discussed. One of these is still outstanding and the water will be shut off. It is unfortunate that this occurs as we are a volunteer organization and the extra work imposed by these delinquencies is not compensated. We discussed the State laws that both govern and constrain our actions. An additional and allowable 8% collector’s compensation was discussed, but the PC Committee voted to not impose this.

U.I.C. permit/sludge measurement and reporting: With the completion of our re-constructed back-wash leach field, the State’s permit requires quarterly measurements and reporting of the manganese sludge level in the settling tank. Our SOS operators will perform this additional measurement during October. It is likely that this tank will have an addition pump out before winter.

Budget proposal for 2015: no work was done at this meeting on this. The November meeting will see us finalize what will be proposed at our January Annual meeting so that it can be published in advance.

Discussion: We spent a few minutes discussing the water system, our varied measurements and reporting, and our monthly meeting protocol. We will have more of this at future meeting to ensure Brian gets up to speed quickly.


Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1