Minutes of the JFD #1 Meeting held April 20, 2021 
Meeting was held via Zoom; called to order at 7pm.
Attendees: Chris Laskowski, Chris Lavorgna, Brian Stevens, Ann Kroll-Lerner, Charlie Windisch
  1. Second quarter bills were due April 1st. There was a slight increase in the amount due – $235 vs the previous amount of $230. Several payments were received in the old amount; an email was sent to those affected. The latest status as to how many outstanding bills as of the meeting time was not available.
  2. Brian reported that a decision on our loan/grant application to the state (drinking water fund) should be available in several weeks. As a backup, an application has been made to the Community Bank NA. The money is needed to pay for the greensand filter replacement that will happen this year.
  3. At this point, we are waiting for Green Mountain Engineering to submit the design and acquire a permit for the replacement of the filter. Once that happens, we can get a schedule in place for the work to begin.
  4. SOS reports the communication between the pump house and the reservoir seems to be good at this point. 
  5. The consumer confidence report has been received from SOS (Simon Operating Systems). It will be distributed (as required by law) to all Foothills residents for their review.
Meeting was called to an end at 7:35pm
Nest meeting: Tuesday, May 18
  • Charlie Windisch, Secretary

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