Below are the minutes of the Jericho Fire District meeting held on May 18, 2021.
Attendees: Brian Stevens, Jeff Earl, Ann Lerner-Kroll, Charlie Windisch
Meeting was held via Zoom and called to order at 7pm
  1. It is believed that all residents are paid up and current for the second quarter bills. We will verify that this is in fact true.
  2. Brian reported we are still awaiting word from the state with regards to our application for DWSRF monies, to be used for payment for the greensand filter replacement (this summer). We expect to hear within the next couple of weeks. Our fallback position is a loan from the Community Bank NA.
  3. Our bank balance is in good standing. (If anyone would like details, the committee would be glad to share the information).
  4. A short discussion was held regarding the use of the common land around the well head. This land is open to all Foothills residents. Grass paths are being mowed and maintained (thank you Chris Lavorgna) for our benefit. There was a No Trespassing sign that was removed (by whom we do not know), but will be replaced. The sign was to signal that the land was not open to the general public. The committee again wants to point out it is open for the enjoyment of our neighbors.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm Next meeting is Tuesday, June 15 at 7pm.
  • Charlie Windisch, JFD #1 Secretary

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