Minutes of the Jericho Fire District #1 (JFD #1) 2/16/2021 Meeting
Attendees: Fred Lavenberg, Chris Laskowski, Chris Lavorgnac, Jeffrey Earl, Robert Nadal, Charlie Windisch
Meeting was held via Zoom and called to order at 7pm.
  1. 1st quarter bills were due January 5th. With the exception of one household, all residences have paid the first quarter bills and are up to date. The committee discussed adding late fees to unpaid water bills. Robert will look into the bylaws to see what late fees can be imposed.
  2. We continue to have issues with the new Mission communication system operating between the lower pump house and the reservoir. (Reservoir and pump house need to communicate with one another – the reservoir tells the pump house when to pump more water). Communication is intermittent and should be continuous. An attempt by Fred and Cody (SOS) to reposition the antenna on the reservoir did not improve the communication. Fred agreed to contact Mission to have them get to the root of the problem.
  3. The committee unanimously agreed (by vote) to add Jeff Earl as a member. Welcome aboard, Jeff!
  4. Brian Stevens is in the process of completing the application for a grant that will be used to replace the greensand filter in the pump house. The greensand filter has reached the end of life stage and needs to be replaced this summer. The application will be circulated to Prudential Committee members for review and approval.
  5. Robert has looked into the possibility of paying the quarterly water bills electronically (direct deposit into the Community Bank account). Although it is doable, it would be more work than the current pay by mail system. Someone would have to keep track two systems – who has paid by mail/who has made an electronic payment. No final decision yet.
Next meeting: Tuesday March 16th, 2021 @ 7pm.
  • Charlie Windisch, JFD #1 Secrectary