Foothills residents: Minutes of the January 19 2021 JFD #1 Meeting.
Attendees: Fred Lavenberg, Chris Laskowski, Ann Lerner-Kroll, Brian Stevens, Robert Nadal, Chris Lavorgna, Charlie Windisch
The meeting was held via Zoom and was called to order at 7pm.
  1. 1st quarter water bills were due Jan 5th. A handful of households have not paid yet; first late notices to go out January 20.
  2. A discussion was held regarding possibly switching to paying the quarterly bills electronically versus the current “mail a check” approach. Robert to contact Community Bank to explore this option.
  3. The greensand filter and support structure in the lower pump house needs to be replaced this year. This is THE filtration system for our water, and thus is critically important. It is also fairly expensive ($27K) and as such Brian (Treasurer) is applying for loan money that is available to water districts such as ours from the state. A completed draft application will be circulated to the board for review and approval.
  4. There continue to be intermittent communication problems between the lower pump house and the reservoir. The antenna at the tank will be raised and be made upright (currently at a 45 degree angle). This requires a longer cable (about a $200 pricetag). Fred to work with SOS to make this change.
  5. The February meeting will serve as our Annual Meeting. All Foothills residents can attend. JFD #1 meetings are the third Tuesday of the month, so February’s meeting date is the 16th. A notice will be sent out approximately two weeks prior to the meeting.
Questions, comments welcome.
  • Charlie Windisch, Secretary