Minutes of Prudential committee Meeting

Jericho Fire District No. 1

December 16, 2014

2014 Ops and 2015 budget proposal

Attendees: Brian Stevens, Ann Kroll Lerner, Fred Lavenberg, Les Allen

Reimbursement request: Based on a claim that the curb stop to his house did not fully close, Dennis Waite paid two additional hours of a plumber’s time to replace the inside shut-off valve. He asked for $160 credit to his water bill. At the time the curb stop turning rod was replaced, the curb stop shut-off was observed to function properly. The PC discussed the various considerations and unknowns and concluded that the F.D would not assume responsibility for the excess plumber charge, therefore, not approve the requested credit.

Customer house: Because this house is un-occupied and the curb stop is in-operable at this time the F.D addressed the risks to the customer’s home . There is an inside shut-off and the customer will provide a key to Fred Lavenberg should there be an emergency need to shut the water off.

Bill Collector bank account request: Mac Lippert is setting up a means for electronic bill payment and a method to do this entails some options regarding bank accounts. The option approved by the P.C. will be a “sweep” account to which bills may electronically be paid. The Bill Collector will not have electronic access to this account but the bank will provide activity reports. The Bill Collector (Mac) will make the transfers from the “Sweep” account to the F.D. treasure’s account in person at the bank. The convenience of electronic access to the “Sweep” account could only be allowed if the Bill Collector also has access to the Treasure’s F.D. account. While less convenient, the P.C. deemed it prudent to maintain this access separation and accountability.

Bounced check: Mac informed the P.C. that after a second billing he received a check that bounced. Because of certain unusual circumstances, the P.C. advised Mac to re-bill a third time before authorizing 2015 budget with rate increase: The proposed budget for 2015 (attached) with an increase in our water rate billing was discussed and approved by the Prudential Committee (see attachment). The annual rate of $660 will increase to an annual rate $792. However, with the rate increase beginning in the 2nd quarter, the annual amount in 2015 will be $765, and step up to $792 in 2016. The principal increase occurs in “repairs” and will result in an EOY cash balance of $15,999. This cash balance includes a necessary accumulated reserve fund and was reduce from $51,866 to $11,826 at YE 2014 due to recent, unplanned needs.

Annual meeting: Our annual Fire District meeting is scheduled for January 20, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the conference room at the Rawson library. The agenda includes the election of officers and approval of the proposed or modified budget.

Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, clerk, JFD#1