Attendees: Fred Lavenberg, Chris Lavorgna, ,Chris Laskowski, Ann Kroll, Brian Stevens, John Irving, Skip Smith, Charlie Windisch, Robert Nadal

1. A discussion about how best to fix a leak at 38 Foothills Drive. It was decided to fix the leak and leave the relocation of the curbstop at 35 Foothills until Spring.

2. At the Annual Meeting in January a 7% rate increase( $210 to $225) was approved but was not charged in the most recent billing cycle. It was decided that a supplemental $15 charge would be added to the next bill to remedy the mistake.

3. Brian Stevens gave a review of the financial picture. We have had 2 leaks recently and work needs to be done in the spring. With that being said we are on target with the budget.

4. Mission Systems, the company who monitors the system daily needs to be contacted to consolidate our billing.

5. A discussion of the  application for a development for housing off of Meadow Drive was had. The Prudential committee  is following this closely  as to the affect it will have on our Well Protection Area, Storm Water Runoff and increased traffic in the Foothills.

PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THE PRUDENTIAL COMMITTEE , WE ARE LOKING FOR 2  MORE MEMBERS.The time commitment is minimal but safe  drinking water in the Foothills is needed by all.