Minutes of the Meeting of the Prudential Committee

Jericho Fire District No 1

April 21, 2015

Attendees: Brian MacDonald, Ann knoll Lerner, Les Allen

CCR: Les reported that the CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) was distributed electronically to 67 of the 72 water system customers. The remaining customers will be served via US mail. This report of our water quality in 2014 has a mandate by State law to attempt delivery to all customers. This report will also be added to our web site.

Op Permit: Les reported that he received notice that our State Operating permit is due to expire and he will file the required renewal application.

Generator Maintenance contract: A maintenance contract offer from Reliant Electrical Works was reviewed, discussed and approved by the PC. This included a list of yearly preventive maintenance items for a cost of $250. This generator is what will keep the reservoir and the pressure pumps operating during a power outage.

Customer shut offs: After consideration of the pros and cons of operational testing all 72 customer shut-offs it was decided to not do this work. We currently will operate on a fix when needed bases.

Back-wash holding tank pump-out: With the withdrawal of our U.I.C. (Underground Injection Control) permit, the PC discussed this now uncontrolled part of our operation and alternatives for manganese sludge disposal. With the cost of $780 per pump out, expected 3 to 4 times per year, it appears worth considering. After a discussion, It was concluded that more research is needed before making a decision.

“FoothillsAll” email distribution: Recent use concerns were discussed. The Yahoo facility for simple e-mail to all (in the Foothills), is a free facility but with the restriction of no document attachments. Les explained that he created a separate Water System Clerk’s distribution that will allow the attachment of documents like the CCR recently sent. Otherwise, he would be required to send 72 US Mail letters.

Other types of water system documents, like these meeting minutes, can also be sent directly, without a copy and paste. It was not intended, and shouldn’t be used by piggy backing, as an alternatives to the FoothillsAll distribution. That distribution is intended for all other options useful to the Foothills neighborhood. There are currently 56 on the FoothillsAll distribution of the likely 67 possible. We hope that those missing will be able to sign-in successfully. It should be noted that a distribution to “all” goes to “all” and some discretion should be used before adding to everyone’s In box.

Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1