Prudential committee members present: Chris Laskowski, Chris Lavorgnac, Anne Lerner-Kroll, Charlie Windisch. 
  1. The CCR compliance was filed with the state, as required by law. The report itself was distributed to the development residents.
  2. The access road to the lower pump house has many overhanging limbs that need to be trimmed back, to allow chemicals to be delivered via truck. The board voted to have Gingko Tree specialists do the work ($250).
  3. Delinquent bills: At the time of the meeting, there were two households that were past due for the current quarter, and one that was past due for the last two quarters. Since the meeting, Roberto Nadal has reported that all bills have been paid.
  4. Financial status. Brian Stevens provided copies of the latest spreadsheet showing all income, expenses, etc. We appear to be in good shape.
  5. The water system needs to be flushed. This will take place Thursday, August 6th at 9am. Water will not be available for several hours. A separate notice will be sent out reminding everyone. Please plan accordingly!
  6. The reservoir tank is due for an inspection. Normally this involves drawing the water down and doing a visual inspection. SOS has recommended a drone approach that can inspect the tank without drawing the water down, and will save money. The board gave the ok to use the drone.
  7. The filter and supporting structure in the pump house will need to be replaced in the not too distant future future. We will look into segregating the chlorine tanks, which will slow the corrosive effects on rest of the equipment in the room.
  8. The water system leaks have been reduced. Thanks for everyone’s attention in addressing this issue.

Charlie Windisch, Secretary