Attendees: Chris Laskowski, Chris Lavorgna, Jeff Pavese and Charlie Windisch
Here are the minutes:
  1. Water bills have been mailed out. Payment is due July 1st; no exceptions.
  2. The latest financial spreadsheet (as provided by Treasurer Brian Stevens) was discussed. The Fire District appears to be in good shape financially.
  3. We have been alerted by SOS (Simon Operating Systems) that the water usage is higher than normal, and a leak is suspected. Homeowners: If you notice wetter than normal spot(s) on your property, please contact the Prudential committee. Also, please check to see if there are any running toilets or the like. If so, please address.
  4. The next meeting is tentatively set for July 21 at 7pm. A notice will be sent out prior to the meeting to confirm.

Charlie Windisch, Secretary