Attendees: Fred Lavenberg, Brian Stevens, Cody Grimm (SOS), Jeff Pavese, Chris Lavorgna, Charlie Windisch
  1. The filter/sandbed structure in the lower pump house is nearing it’s end of life. The metal has become corroded over time and needs to be replaced in the near future (1 – 2 years). The cost is fairly large (roughly $27K). The committee will look into the possibility of obtaining a grant to defray the cost.
  2. The radio system that enables communication between the lower pump house and the reservoir is old and is failing. (The reservoir needs to tell the pump house to pump water up when needed). Replacement parts are getting hard to find. SOS suggests replacing the radio system with what is called a Mission System; cost is roughly $5700). The board voted to approve the purchase of the new system.
  3. Extensive discussion on the situation across from 35 Foothills. There was a leak earlier in the month that required an emergency excavation/repair. The area is very congested with utilities and the water shut off (curb stop) to 35 Foothills all in a small area. The board wants to move the curb stop to the other side of the road and replace the water supply line to #35 to eliminate problems in the future.
  4. There is a small sink hole near the reservoir building that needs to be filled in.
  5. The chlorine tanks in the lower pump house should be segregated from the rest of the equipment in the house to prevent further corrosion. SOS will outline where the walls should be placed. The board will then get an estimate to have this work done.
  6. There are a few valves that are not operating properly (these were discovered during the recent system flush). These will need to be addressed.
  7. All quarterly water bills have been paid. Roberto Nadal has decided to leave the board at the end of the year. We are looking for a replacement – someone to handle the collection of the bills.
  8. Brian Stevens reviewed the financials. JFD #1 is in good financial health.

Charlie Windisch, Secretary