Jericho fire District No. 1 Annual Meeting minutes January 17, 2017

FD President, Fred Lavenberg opened the meeting at 7:07 PM.

Article I To hear the Treasurers report

Treasurer, Brian Stevens spoke to several financial documents that he handed out.

These were: Summary of Income and Expenses, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation, and OP. Income and Cash Flow with it’s proposed 2017 budget.

Key elements ln Brian’s report are:

  1. an uncommitted and unidentified system improvement expense,
  2. a 3.0% increase in our water bills beginning with the second quarter
  3. a projected cash balance increase of $6,181. This is partially a set aside for possible expenses under item #1

Article II Shall the JFD#1 accept the proposed or amended budget? 

Yes, (see attachment)

Article III Shall the JFD#1 Authorize the Prudential Committee to borrow money for the temporary needs of the Fire District?


Article IV To elect a JFD#1 Prudential Committee member for a period of three years.

Fred Lavenberg was elected to a three year term, joining John Irving and Ann Kroll-Lerner.

The Prudential Committee members sub-sequentially elected Fred as

Article V To elect a Treasurer for one year.

Brian Stevens was elected to a one year term as treasurer.
Article VI To elect a Clerk for one year.

Les Allen was elected to a one year term as Clerk.

Article VII To elect Two Bill Collectors for one year.
Sue Grab and Robert Nadal were elected to a the shared task of bill collecting for one year.

Article VIII Other JFD#1 business thought proper when met.

Respectfully submitted, Les Allen, Clerk , Jericho Fire District No.1