Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting

Jericho Fire district N0. 1 (Foothills water system)

February 18, 2014

Attendees: John Irving, Mac Lippert, Ann Kroll Learner, Les Allen

John reported that the work to fix the pipe leaks in the Reservoir building is scheduled for Wed. 2/19 at 9:00am (tomorrow). Water from the reservoir will continue to flow but without pump pressure. This pump off condition will only effect a limited set of customers, higher up in the Foothills as gravity feed will continue to supply water to the majority of homes. John will e-mail the “foothills-all” customer list and Fred Lavenberg will put out a phone message via our call-em-all phone service.

This expenditure, estimated at $550, was approved at our 12/17/13 meeting.

Other repair work completed, or in the works, and had been authorized via e-mail PC vote, were ratified at this meeting by vote of the Prudential Committee. These are;

  1. $950 for a replacement propane heater in the filter building.

  2. $440.93 to replace the worn impeller and associated gaskets in one of our booster pumps.

  3. $100 to $200 estimate for the pump motor re-conditioning. This will allow the pump to be our spare, back up pump.

The schedule for the conversion of the reservoir building heat from propane to natural gas was discussed. Some of Vt. Gas work has been done but the final connection (underground) will be done when weather permits. Ann will follow-up with Vt. Gas for scheduling this final connection.

The need to re-establish an annual audit was discussed. Mac offered to take on finding a volunteer auditor and scheduling a YE 2013 audit.

Les will follow up his request to SOS for an estimate to re-do our Well-head Protection Plan. This must be completed for the State by June ’14.

Les commented on the work he must complete to transfer our Fire District records to a file cabinet (Fire District owned) in the Town Office. When completed, our records will have a long term repository and be accessible by FD officers.

Respectfully submitted;

Les Allen, Clerk