Minutes from JFD Prudential Committee Meeting 16 Oct 2018

1. Kirk Patch from SOS attended and reported that the Green Sand filter is due for a “re-bed” in the spring. This is the unit responsible for extracting Manganese from the well water.

2. Kirk ran a limited flush of the system and reported he saw less brown water then we might expect with regard to the incidents of Brown water earlier in the fall. The suspicion is there might have been a low water level in the well due to the drought.

3. He suggested people install an inline house filter if there is not one in place and to change the filter as needed if there is.

4. Brian Stevens reported the financial budget seems to be on target with the exception of the expense of the repair of the leak last winter at the Foothills/Meadow intersection. We will discussing the Budget for the next year at the December Meeting on Tuesday 20 Nov 2018 at the Library, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

5. We are looking into changing Propane providers for the lower pump building

6. A short discussion was held about what to do with unpaid/outstanding accounts. For whatever reason if a homeowner needs additional time to pay the Water bill please get in touch with the members of the Prudential Committee or Sue Grab.

7. Please think about getting involved with the JFD#1 Prudential Committee as new officers will be elected this January. Please contact any one of the current board