Minutes of Prudential Committee meeting, Jericho Fire District No 1 September 19, 2017

Attendees: Ann Knoll Lerner, Fred Lavenberg, John Irving, Susan Grab, Les Allen

Financial Report: Brian Stevens provided financial documents prior to the meeting. These were reviewed and briefly discussed. Expenditures are tracking with the plan expectations.

System operations and maintenance: Our operator reported that an alarm was initiated by a failure of communications from the reservoir to the filter building’s well pump controls. It is believed that the radio communication from the reservoir is sometimes interrupted by trees that have grown and interfere with the direct line of sight (radio) between the two locations. A cell/satellite system would circumvent this problem. No action was taken.

Fred reported that the securing of the main line pipe in the filter building has been completed. This better securing of the pipe will eliminate potential vibration failure, like that which occurred last year.

A new rodent protection screen is in place, covering the air vent to the filter building attic. Thank you, Bob Hirschfeld.  No other work on the filter building has been made.

Customer relations: The unpaid water bills for #6 Arcadia Cir. was again discussed. In excess of $3,000 (principal and interest) is owned to us from the absent owner. Brian Stevens was unable to locate/determine the mortgage holder for this property. Vt. Law is very detailed on property tax sales and it designates that all expenses incurred to affect a property tax sale is recovered from the sale. The PC vote to proceed with a property sale for the delinquent bills and asked Les to get a lawyer to assist us. David Sunshine, the lawyer who officiated the first sale of this same property for the school district, will assist us.

Dan Dube has provided Susan Grab (our bill collector) with a spread sheet that will calculate the complexity of the different (amounts and time) delinquent bills and the compounding interest for each. Thank you, Dan.

Respectfully submitted.

Les Allen, Clerk, JFD#1