Minutes of Prudential Committee Meeting

Jericho Fire District #1

March 15, 2016

Attendees: Fred Lavenberg, Brian MacDonald, Ann Kroll Lerner, John Irving, Les Allen

Financials: A summary of income and expenses, provided by Brian Stevens, showed an account balance of $17,666. This does not include any receipts from the 2nd qtr. billing. This I & E document showed a $1,000 payment to P & P Septic for the filter backwash sludge disposal that occurred in 2015. This has been discussed before and our expectations are that these disposal cost can be kept to $680 if we properly dewater the holding tank prior to the sludge pump out.

Assets Management Grant consideration: An opportunity for a State grant to perform an assets management study/survey was discussed. The down sides; our 20% of cost, the commitment to complete the recommendation by 12/30/16, the imposed time and work for us and our judgement of the limited value add, were the collective reasons to decide to pass on this opportunity.

Sludge pump out alternative options: The current cost for the sludge pump out is still cause to continue to consider alternative means. In particular, pumping out on site, reducing sludge to solid form for accumulation into fewer, less costly disposal trips, will be explored.

2nd Qtr. Bill collecting: With the absence of Mac Lippert due to a family emergency, Les is filling in for this quarter. Les expressed his appreciation for the spreadsheet support work that he believes was done by Debby and Dave Lackey. It organizes the documentation and simplifies the bill printing.

Help needed: The Prudential committee discussed the need for Foothills volunteers for a) a permanent bill collector and for b) a web site maintainer. These are both limited time tasks, the bill collection is done quarterly and the web site maintenance; when changes occur, mostly annually. Brian has accessed the web site and believes this task to be not complex. Fred will make a plea to our neighbors for help.

Respectively submitted;

Les Allen, clerk, JFD#1