Minutes of Prudential Committee meeting

Jericho Fire District #1

Oct. 14, 2013

Attendees: Brian Stevens, Fred Lavenberg, Ann Knoll Lerner, Mac, Lippert, Les Allen

Finances: Brian provided a “Balance Sheet” and an “Income and Cash Flow Summary”. These show that the cash flow from operations YTD is on track with the Budget exception for the $9,350 for the Creek bank rebuild after the May flooding.

This work we considered an emergency as it had been so declared for the “Irene” repair. Because we proceeded to fix it as before, we neglected to file a notice with the State within 30 day of the Presidential disaster declaration. A FEMA rule. The consequence is we do not qualify for assistance. After some discussion about the rigidity of FEMA rules and the slim possibility of an appeal success, it was decided that we should try. Les will do this.

Brian also showed a “Summary of Income and Expense” that includes a detail listing of all payments made. Brian commented that an appropriate bill payment process would be for the treasurer to make payments only after a PC approval. The Committee approved his continuing to make payments upon receipt of bills and display the detail at the monthly meetings.

Technical: The installation of a VT. Gas line to replace the more costly propane at the reservoir, pump house had been delayed by a needed agreement between the Lerners and VT. Gas. It is from the Lerner’s property gas line that the water system line is to be accessed. Ann reported that the agreement was completed to their satisfaction and only needs a notary of their signatures.

WEB page: Our web page was temporarily down due to a needed renewal payment, which has now been payed. This brought awareness of it being not up to date. Fred noted that he believed some data may not be sufficiently “fire walled”. Fred will meet with Mike Wright, our web master, and discuss what to do about the web site condition.

Other: Les reported finding evidence of camping/partying on our lower well property. This past Saturday evening, at sunset, saw four cars parked at the road gate. The “no trespassing “ sign has been missing for some time. It was agreed to replace a “no trespassing” that adds “authorized persons only” to accommodate service persons. It was noted that all Foothills residents, as co-owners of the water system, are considered “authorized persons” and can/should feel free to enter for recreational purposes.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Allen, Clerk, JFD#1